I’m walking to Starbucks again today! YAY ME!

It will be high 50s & 60s today, 0% chance of rain!  Perfect weather to walk so far!  But first, I must:

  • Make sure I have my wallet – I need OTC (over the counter med, Ranitidine) I take for my trip at Walgreens, on the way and across the street.  –>> Actually, this can wait!! It’s out of the way and I need my ACTUAL Rx again before I go.
  • Check stock (online) of Prince of Tides at Barnes & Noble (I want to physically purchase a book in a book store, not Amazon, before I leave for NYC.  Patrick Conroy just died and Prince of Tides is LUSH with Southern imagery and will help me with my blog.  I want to gift this book to someone at the beginning of my trip and remember to bring my copy of the actual book on my trip!)
  • Look at my Shutterfly account. I think I have enough credit for another copy (copies?) of my Germany 2003/2004 photo album that I completed the day before I entered the hospital for surgeries 2 and 3. (It was due 12/10/2007 and I finished it the night before!  I remember because that was the date I entered the hospital for my next round of surgeries.)
  • Consider upgrading the tiny laptop if I can’t get wifi to work at Starbucks. I’d rather have one that can run the video program I purchased (Corel VideoStudio), anyhow. *Don’t over spend!! Don’t get this if you can’t!! You need to be able to pay for what you need!
  • Possibly purchase another Ravenclaw Quiddich jersey (if it will get here in time) with my name on the back, but now my size – this one 2x is HUGE!
  • My photo book front:
  • My photo book back: 

Today I See My GP (general practitioner) – I hope she is proud

I took her advice to heart and began eating better 

  • she didn’t push me -> if you push me, rather than simply give me the tools/knowledge and walk away I tend to push back rather than take action!
  • she was KINDER and FAR MORE PATIENT than I would have been with me at that point -> knowing what I know now about what I used to eat compared to being stuck in that recliner 99% of the day!

She didn’t say to exercise, because I had already bought the WalgreensActivityTracker and spoke of my intentions to walk, but not of any intention to change how I eat

She is an EXCELLENT Doctor!

I will get a photo with her today, if I can, and post it here, with her permission.

  • If you see a photo of me and my doctor, she gave me permission to use a photo of us and I remembered to take one.
  • If not, I either: 1. forgot to ask, 2. forgot to take one, 3. BOTH!

Walked to Starbucks!!!

Walked to Starbucks!!!

My goal – before my #SurvivalDay20 trip – came true this morning!
I WALKED to the Starbucks near my house (but not the one I used to work, because I’m erring on the side of safety) we now have a SIDEWALK to this one and there still is NOT a sidewalk to MY Starbucks!

  • Same distance (3 miles),
  • I brought my walking stick,
  • I got my favorite drink, since I’ve educated myself on what is GOOD FOR ME,
  • My dad is driving me home!

Gotta love my dad!  LOVE MY #DamnOldMan