The Starbucks Article by Epilepsy Foundation: “Coffee Break” 2008

and now I type… This was available online Coffee Break until I was about one week into traveling for #SurvivalDay20.

It’s nearing midnight and I’m typing one handed, predictive-type-assist, so I won’t edit much here and now, but THIS explains the beauty of my interaction with Starbucks and the importance of Survival Days.



I entered a writing competition yesterday on Instagram and Twitter with #SixWordMemoir Theme: The Six-Word Spoiler Of Your Life

My entry includes the photo of this post: “SPOILER: My brain. Pieces not important”

The TOP SIX entries will each receive a copy of “A Series of Catastrophes & Miracles!” The website:



The photos of the splints. I’m hopeful the ligament will repair itself, but not optimistic, as I waited nearly 5 weeks to have my hand looked at after the injury.  I’m typing with one hand and guided by predictive type.

No telling how much surgery would cost.  We’ll find out, I suppose.  At least my cough is gone.  It was my blood pressure medication.  I lost 50 pounds and my blood pressure improved to the point I could be taken off the med, for now.  It runs in the family, though.  I have a new “allergy” on my drug list and if I need it again, my doctor says we’ll try something else.

Oh, and I had my first seizure since Amsterdam yesterday.  Lucky me.  Just a simple partial.  Not a big deal.  

Moving on to coffee and our current Netflix binge watch show: Chuck.  Til later, folks.

Appointment tomorrow 

My appointment for a splint for my fingers on my left hand is for tomorrow morning!  Yay!  I hoped, but wasn’t certain, I could get an appointment so quickly!  My fear was the next available would be the 13th, when I have my vertigo appointment, but it’s good.  I can be fitted for the splint tomorrow morning, then I start the 6 week path to recovery and hope it does not include surgery.  

This morning the right arm fell off my glasses when it lost a screw.  Meh.  It isn’t like I took out the screw like I did after brain surgery.  I can type with only one hand and can barely see.  Still, life goes on.  I think I’ll go to sleep again, as I can’t see and can barely type.  

Til we meet again…

I submitted my first writing for publication since 1992 on Saturday!

I submitted my first writing for publication since 1992 on Saturday!

In the end, I realized I would change something about it.  I’m not sure if I want it published or not.  I suppose I’d be happy either way… I don’t know who it was to say: “The kernel of dissatisfaction in one work is the beginning of the next,” but that person is correct.  The “decision” is said to happen by this Saturday or soon after.  Wish me luck, I think.  Whichever way it falls, I will be pleased.  There is another contest I have my eye on, I only don’t know HOW I will adapt the writing to fit into the next project.
For now, my left hand/wrist is hurting tremendously!  When I fell in NYC at the end of my trip I strained something severely, but didn’t recognize it at the time, because I was so focused on the cough I suffered.  Now, my hand is such I cannot grip even a cup or hold my toothbrush.  I am proud I managed an appointment with a hand PT specialist this Friday.  I hope he can help me.  I don’t imagine it will be the quick fix dad sees it to be (cortisone shot), but I don’t see it as as long a rehabilitation process as my vertigo.

If I’m published, I’ll link everyone to the magazine and I’ll put my entry here.  If not, I’ll edit my entry for another publication and keep it under wraps.  Til later!  
Reminder, the images not photos on my blog are used with permission.  Please respect the artist and go to:

Walked to my voting place today! 2 miles each way (hilly) 79 minutes RT!

Dad’s out of town, but I discovered in researching the ballot that I needed to vote today. I can choose the DEM candidate for US Senate on the November Ballot, and many judges are up for election. It’s important enough to walk to the polling place, yes HACKING most of the way. It was good. I’m glad I did it!   
I took a bath (hate showers, can’t balance) upon arriving home and now I’m feeling better. I’m hungry, but far more tired. I’ll wait till after I nap to eat. This evening I need to log on to Sutterfly from dad’s computer and see if it’s worth using the $10 coupon that expires tonight. I expect the shipping will be too expensive. Meh. The $5 mug I ordered cost $17+ with shipping, so maybe I should order another mug? We’ll see. 

I’m still hacking up a lung, but I WALKED today — YAY!

Checking in to say I’m feeling a bit better and I walked a little earlier today.  My sister in law suggested that walking might help my cough and I thought that was an interesting suggestion.  I thought I’d give it a try.  I did 2 laps of the lower area of the neighborhood (about .7miles).  Not too bad.  I coughed a bit when it was done.  It was also 80 degrees out.  BLAH!  I walked when I did, because it’s due to rain this afternoon and evening.  I just took a bath, before the rain started, and feel better now.  I hope to walk tomorrow, again, because it felt good to walk.  I used the cane, even on the lower part of the neighborhood alone.  Prior to my travels I wouldn’t have used the cane, but I feel more comfortable using it now.

I think my hair is almost dry.  I can probably take a nap soon.  Okay, enough for now.  My left hand still hurts.  I’m glad I didn’t hurt my hand until the end of the trip!

I need to start writing!!  Really writing.  Not just in here.  

Moving on… Til later!