Dad’s first birthday since he passed

It was a bittersweet day (June 4, 2018), but we (the cats and I) made it through. He would have been 73. I cried a few times, but he wouldn’t have wanted me to be sad, so I tried to keep that in mind all day. I was remembering how much he made me smile and found myself laughing a lot! I loved that I could laugh through the tears!

Once I’m paid again I’ll do something we always said we would do together, but simply never got around to it: a painting event. I want to choose the correct painting to do, not just anything. Today I also dyed my hair purple, though I didn’t leave it in long enough or cover it, applying heat as advised. It’s more highlights. That’s okay. I also got my hair cut professionally for the first time since just before dad’s memorial. Last time I shaved it myself. It was time to be shaped.

We miss you, dad. Leia is always in my lap and Yuna licks me any chance she gets. You and the kitties are the photo on this month of the calendar. You are never far from my heart, dad. I love you very much.


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