Newest News, As It Has Been A While

The biggest thing to have happened is my father passed away on October 8, 2017.  I miss him dearly.  Sometimes I forget to miss him and expect to see him in the morning, then the cats remind me that they are having adjustment issues.  We’re each grieving in our own way.  

Chris came from Sweden when dad got sick to spend time with him when we all realized how serious it was.  Dad’s small cell lung cancer came back with a vengeance.  His scan, which was clear in July, became a 13cm (~5 inch) mass on an exray he received at a doc-in-the-box when insurance wouldn’t cover another scan so soon (August/September) when he was coughing after a clean scan.  He took medication to breathe easier, but nothing worked.  Dad finally took it upon himself to go to the doc-in-the-box, who sent him to the hospital emergently.  He stopped off at home to get his bi-pap before checking in on September 18th and never came home. 

His doctors were flabbergasted and apologized profusely.  Didn’t help dad much by that time.  He had some radiation treatments but it was determined they were harming his good lung by filling it with fluid and making it more difficult to breathe.  Nothing could be done.

So, Chris was able to see dad doing well (and in good spirits more or less) and was here when he passed away.  He returned home afterwards.  I appreciate him coming to spend the time with dad.  I know it meant a lot to dad.  Both of them, really.  I also appreciate he needed to return to his family where he is a husband and father as soon as possible.  He was here for the most important part, dad alive.  

I was presented with the flag at dad’s military funeral.  I gave my first eulogy.  Now I have a huge house full of stuff and I’m moving to a one bedroom apartment sometime before the New Year.  Dad and I moved in together just before 9/11: August 2001.  He was essentially my caretaker for a long time.  It’s time I step out and move on.  

On the upside, I’ve been waiting for confirmation that my SSDI was approved since I requested a Reconsideration of the denial at my 5 year review.  The confirmation came through last week – I’m approved!  Then Friday I was approved for the apartment complex I hope to live in!  So, I’ll be next door to a medical center that takes my insurance, near my new orthopedic doctor (I chose to deal with a shoulder injury I accumulated sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a year), and near transit.  All of the above are unheard of around here.  It’s unbelievably excellent!  If I had to deal with this in any way and in any place, it’s working out well.  

I don’t know when I will move yet.  It could be mid-November or not until late-December.  The apartment complex knows I’m flexible with my move in date.  I prefer a specific type of location within the complex.  There is one of those available now.  If I am the one chosen for that apartment, I will move sooner than later and have until the New Year to clear out this house.  Otherwise, I’ll be living here and cleaning with my bum shoulder at the same time.  My neurologist already filled out the paperwork for disabled transit.  Hopefully it goes through.  Wish me luck with everything!