#WADA test remembered

I’ve had the sticky note about the date of my WADA test (Feb 13, 2007) stuck to the wall near the door of my apartment for as long as I can remember.

THAT was a bizarre experience.

I was forewarned much of what to expect on the (then ecommunities) forum board of Epilepsy Foundation.

  • Watch out! That table is COLD!
  • Don’t expect much in the way of privacy.
  • Be sure to shave well! 

I watched videos on YouTube and read online about the procedure.

  • It’s to determine which areas of the brain handle what, so nothing critical is damaged during surgery.
  • By “areas handle what” I mean language and motion.
  • My seizures were determined to originate on the right side.  In 2007, they still did the WADA for the right side.
  • They run a catheter from your femoral artery: groin; up THROUGH the heart; into the carotid artery in one side; let loose a 

This was unpublished since February, now I see why. It isn’t finished… Ah well… I’m not deleting. I’ll find a link about WADA and post it.  

HALF the brain is put to sleep, then the other half, as they test for function and language!  For as much as I could comprehend in that state, it was something to experience.  


Taking Care of Business 

Taking Care of Business 
  1. Calculated my pain meds through the weekend so I don’t run out, and learned they only wrote enough for me through Sunday 4pm DUH!  They’re CLOSED MONDAY!!!  Sometimes it’s tedious being my own advocate.
  2. Called AAA to cancel the continuous advertising mailings, and spoke with the most wonderful young woman! Not that I can remember her name… TBI PROBLEMS! 
  3. While dad was out getting my pain med refill, I’ll explain how I managed to get the refill (and how much) in an edit, because this typing one finger, predicted type, now is driving me mad.  
  4. Dad has been helpful, but grumbling.