Visual Vertigo viSUaLiZed, in b&w

Visual Vertigo viSUaLiZed, in b&w

alLthEtIme AndConStaNtLy

imAGIne yOUrWhOLeWOrLd


shApeSanD coLOrSAreMoTiOn





fiNalLyatREatMeNTeXiSTs bUTthETrEAtMentCeNTer

doESntTaKE mYINsuRaNCe

iNtHeSe UnItEdStAkEsOfAmErIcA 

iBoUgHt aPaiROfWaLkIngStIcKs AnDsUnGlAssEs

iTOoKmAttErSiNto MYowNHaNdSandFEet

iLoST 50poUNds WalKINg AnD GaINED CoNfiDence

iStiLl HaVe viSuAL VeRTiGo, bUt iT iS mAnaGAbLe

iWRoTe tO tHe TrEAtMenT CTr tO DIscovER My OLd PT 

fOr veRTiGo LoCAl NoW cAn TrEat viSuAL veRtIgo!

iStArT tReaTEmt sOoN. teNaCItY WiNS!

                — this is the writing I submitted, but wasn’t published. I gave it to my ViSuALvErTIgO therapist (PT), who I haven’t actually been able to begin therapy with because of my FUCKING hand. I had to fight to even discover there was a TREATMENT for ViSuALvErTIgO  <- ever since I wrote this in late May, my auto type has saved this.  I love it!  I respectfully requested permission to use it on my blog, knowing anyone could share it, and it wouldn’t be “hers” anymore once I placed it here.  I’m simply placing it online while I’m thinking of it now; In bed.  I’ll write more about my hand tomorrow, or when I’ve finished my second set of SSDI paperwork sent to me, probably because of my trip.  Goodnight.


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