Walked to my voting place today! 2 miles each way (hilly) 79 minutes RT!

Dad’s out of town, but I discovered in researching the ballot that I needed to vote today. I can choose the DEM candidate for US Senate on the November Ballot, and many judges are up for election. It’s important enough to walk to the polling place, yes HACKING most of the way. It was good. I’m glad I did it!   
I took a bath (hate showers, can’t balance) upon arriving home and now I’m feeling better. I’m hungry, but far more tired. I’ll wait till after I nap to eat. This evening I need to log on to Sutterfly from dad’s computer and see if it’s worth using the $10 coupon that expires tonight. I expect the shipping will be too expensive. Meh. The $5 mug I ordered cost $17+ with shipping, so maybe I should order another mug? We’ll see. 


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