Home now nearly 2 weeks

Still have a cough!  UGH!   At least dad is letting me sleep in the bedroom upstairs!  Downstairs is full of cat dander and smells like the litterbox.  Since it’s already hard to breathe, it’s nice to be able to ACTUALLY breathe when I stop coughing long enough to take a full breath in the middle of the night!  

I desperately need to clean downstairs, but that will have to wait until my cough is resolved a bit more.  I saw a “doc-in-a-box” my first days home and he gave me meds, but so far no good.  If it’s still bothering me in another week, I’ll see someone again.  Dad goes out of town for a few days.  When he gets back I’ll have him take me back to the same place.

I’m glad I named this blog like I did.  I can use it year after year.  

I WILL make another entry for Harry Potter World soon.  It will be a PAGE entry, full of photos and fantastic!  


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