Walked to my voting place today! 2 miles each way (hilly) 79 minutes RT!

Dad’s out of town, but I discovered in researching the ballot that I needed to vote today. I can choose the DEM candidate for US Senate on the November Ballot, and many judges are up for election. It’s important enough to walk to the polling place, yes HACKING most of the way. It was good. I’m glad I did it!   
I took a bath (hate showers, can’t balance) upon arriving home and now I’m feeling better. I’m hungry, but far more tired. I’ll wait till after I nap to eat. This evening I need to log on to Sutterfly from dad’s computer and see if it’s worth using the $10 coupon that expires tonight. I expect the shipping will be too expensive. Meh. The $5 mug I ordered cost $17+ with shipping, so maybe I should order another mug? We’ll see. 


I’m still hacking up a lung, but I WALKED today — YAY!

Checking in to say I’m feeling a bit better and I walked a little earlier today.  My sister in law suggested that walking might help my cough and I thought that was an interesting suggestion.  I thought I’d give it a try.  I did 2 laps of the lower area of the neighborhood (about .7miles).  Not too bad.  I coughed a bit when it was done.  It was also 80 degrees out.  BLAH!  I walked when I did, because it’s due to rain this afternoon and evening.  I just took a bath, before the rain started, and feel better now.  I hope to walk tomorrow, again, because it felt good to walk.  I used the cane, even on the lower part of the neighborhood alone.  Prior to my travels I wouldn’t have used the cane, but I feel more comfortable using it now.

I think my hair is almost dry.  I can probably take a nap soon.  Okay, enough for now.  My left hand still hurts.  I’m glad I didn’t hurt my hand until the end of the trip!

I need to start writing!!  Really writing.  Not just in here.  

Moving on… Til later!

Home now nearly 2 weeks

Still have a cough!  UGH!   At least dad is letting me sleep in the bedroom upstairs!  Downstairs is full of cat dander and smells like the litterbox.  Since it’s already hard to breathe, it’s nice to be able to ACTUALLY breathe when I stop coughing long enough to take a full breath in the middle of the night!  

I desperately need to clean downstairs, but that will have to wait until my cough is resolved a bit more.  I saw a “doc-in-a-box” my first days home and he gave me meds, but so far no good.  If it’s still bothering me in another week, I’ll see someone again.  Dad goes out of town for a few days.  When he gets back I’ll have him take me back to the same place.

I’m glad I named this blog like I did.  I can use it year after year.  

I WILL make another entry for Harry Potter World soon.  It will be a PAGE entry, full of photos and fantastic!