Traveling all day to Sweden is EXHAUSTING, but it will be WORTH IT!

My day began at 3am…

It’s currently 8:06pm

I’m traveling by train to my brother’s home near Stokholm, Sweden (Linkjöping) from Southern Germany.

There’s still nearly 2 hours of my journey remaining.

I LOVE that Swedish trains have free wifi!

I’ll write a better entry when I’m not dizzy as FUCK!  The rocking of the train makes it almost impossible to focus.  At least I can semi- focus and type because this is my machine.  This is my homeboy, so to say.

The last two seats I had were someone else’s and were claimed…  I had no idea my ticket included a reservation or I would have sat here from the beginning.  I’m facing forward and have use of a table!  Who’d’a’thunk!

My giant pack is back by the main door.  I get off before the two guys who helped me so far on this train.  They say they’ll help me get the pack off the train.  Or at least out of the baggage place they hoisted it.


I haven’t eaten much, but that wasn’t the most important thing today.  Getting here was the key.  Now that. I’m almost in Chris’ car, it’s almost all okay again!  He will complain about my pack smelling like cats, but he’ll get over it.  I hope to wash it a few times while staying with them and fix that.

Okay. Gonna stop this now.  Getting super dizzy.  I’ll write more when I get there.


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