I’m In Amsterdam and Fine

  1. I apologize for the lack of a blog to this point.
  2. When I explain, I hope you will understand.
  3. I finally ate a decent meal today!
  4. I finally parsed my luggage down where I can (almost) carry it alone!
  5. I would like to mail a chunk of it to my brother where I will meet him at a future date in my trip, but I don’t know if I will have time.  I’m only here the entire day tomorrow, before moving on.  It’s the “moving on” that causes a problem…
  6. To describe what it’s like managing my life with a Traumatic Brain Injury, I refer you to Claudia Osborne and her entry TBI What’s It Like.  I resemble this in almost every respect!  (Imagine having these challenges and trying to tour Europe on a schedule!)
  7. I decided to simplify life tomorrow and purchase a guided tour of old Jewish Amsterdam, to include a “semi-private tour” of the Anne Frank Huis and allowing me to browse as long as I feel I need within.  As Anne is such a critical centerpiece of my trip, I do not want to miss seeing her hiding place.  I cannot, with the challenges noted in Claudia’s profile video above, realistically expect to manage tomorrow by waiting in line 2 – 3 hours and returning to see it at an assigned time.  I’d rather have the guided tour, at a set time I can plan to arrive.
  8. It also includes additional Jewish history of Amsterdam, which I did not expect I would experience.  That will be lovely!  Well worth the cost of the program for the peace of mind, alone.
  9. It’s a very tiny tour.  Only 20 people total!  I managed one of the last 9 spaces in my time slot.  Only two time slots available tomorrow and the first time was sold out. #IDoneGood!
  10. Tomorrow I will see the Anne Frank Huis!
  11. Now I can sleep and not concern myself with waking up at the crack of dawn to stand in line forever!  #IamSoSmart!
  12. Only now is not the time to try to play with my camera! DUH!  It’s 12:35am here now!! Time for bed, peoples!! Yike! Gonna sleep!




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