I bought the necessary tool to learn this morning!  I will be making MANY MORE posts soon! 

They will be better organized in phrasing and display.  I prefer to teach myself, or learn by having someone show me specifically how to do something.  

Example: My father is upgrading a netbook I used on a road trip in 2010, during my OccupyAtlanta days, and following my favorite guitarist, Roy Zimmerman, on a few shows in 2011-2012.  I will watch him as he does this, so I can take notes and do it myself the next time I need to upgrade a computer.  Dad always upgrades our computers, himself.  I look forward to knowing how to do this.  I bought an iPad 4 after the Presidential election of 2012.  Since that time it has been my “Computer”.  I love this thing!!!  It does not take the SD cards to attach videos or so, which is unfortunate.  I have learned a lot about wireless technology using this device.  Prior to 2014, I didn’t have a smartphone, even.  I received one for SurvivalDay18 from my dad.  

Enough stream of consciousness writing.  I’ll publish this now and write a real post later: after I eat, nap, clean, exercise, shower, get Goose, and get back.



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