I met an old friend today – it made a difficult day EXTRAORDINARY!

To Joe: 

Hi again, Dear friend:                                                                                                                                                                                                      I hope you don’t mind this rather public means of telling you what today meant to me.  I’ve been thinking A LOT ABOUT YOU RECENTLY!  Our reason for stopping by your pet food store today was not good news – Goose having Severely High glucose levels still -> 450 yesterday!  I have not been giving him insulin.  He started hiding from me because I was giving him the shots.  He ONLY likes me in this world.  If he becomes afraid of me, his little 11 yr old self is afraid of everyone.  I will not have that.  

I want to control his glucose, if possible, using diet alone, again.  I am worried his body is worn out and not able to compensate.  I will leave him at the vet with RAW food and insulin for a week (the vet will give him the shots) and I will give him the raw here this weekend leading up to his week (Feb 15 – 23).  If, after that week, his glucose is not stable, I will talk with the vet.  It’s possible he will need to be put down.  I do not want to do this.  I will get enough of the raw food for dad to feed him while I am gone on my #SurvivalDay20 trip.  (I’ll post another post about the details of my trip, if I haven’t yet.)

This is also on FB, under the same title: SurvivalDay416.  I’m BeyondHamilton on Twitter.

Please, look for me there.  I’ll be sure to come by the store soon, when I know you are working.  If I remember right, the store is already closed Sun/Mon.  

Congrats on getting tickets to Hamilton in August!  I have not managed to get a ticket.  I may try the lottery, online.  Now it is digital.  I’ll give you more up to date info, when I see you again.  I’ll give you a card with my email address & my ph#.  We WILL NOT LOSE TOUCH AGAIN!  I promise you. 

Love to you, 



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