Managing my day begins the night before

It begins with a list.

A “Lisa List”

Before I go to bed, I reorganize the thoughts I had during the day (usually scattered on many sheets of paper) of what needs to be done onto one sheet (or successive sheets) of paper.

Like today, my to-do list consists of:

  1. WALK!
  2. Put my bathroom towel in cat carrier
  3. Cat carrier in living room
  4. Load videos (szr/slideshows) to iCloud
  5. Burn Bk2 for dad
  6. Catch Goose for vet
  7. Goose to vet 2pm (DO NOT LET THEM LECTURE ME)
  8. SLIDESHOW to Hamilton?

– “Eye of the Hurricane”

– “Say No To This”: Superimposed over my szr video

Write Blog post

Now I’ll explain it to you

  1. Obvious, except it is COLD outside, upper 30s
  2. I put my used towel in the cat carrier so it smells like me
  3. It’s not a fair fight if he doesn’t see it coming
  4. A friend of mine who educates people with his szr videos had his YouTube hacked. I don’t have my videos backed up.
  5. Dad loaned out our Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets. I found it on an old computer yesterday. It’s up in rotation again. He listens to the CDs as he drives(5+years in rotation) as I have when I sleep (nearly 10 years! Since July 2006 #NonStop)
  6. My cat’s name is Goose
  7. I stopped giving Goose 1ml insulin for diabetes because he started hiding under the bed. I’m controlling with diet.
  8. I know HamiltonMusical by heart because it is my exercise music.

– “Eye of the Hurricane”: I compare to my climbing out of disability
– “Say No To This”: is a Grand Mal Seizure, I’m going to check if it will fit over my szr video on YouTube. I’m szrgirl.

I started the day backwards.

—-> also, after I wrote this I sat and stared at the walls for an hour or so. I had laid down on the loveseat, our “couch”, something I never do. I opened my eyes to see dad drinking his morning coffee in his computer chair.  I closed my eyes again.   I forgot what I was doing. I forgot I even wrote this, privately published.  I went back in here, deleted a photo of Goose placed in the wrong spot. I got dressed for walking (mostly). Now I will place Goose in a better spot and walk. It’s time to start my day!

 *Please forgive the ragged formatting*


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