Flight of thought


Imagine how you feel after 2 beer (or more, if it takes more for you to feel “slightly more than buzzed”).

Imagine that feeling is with you All.The.Time.  You can’t turn it off or shake it.

That’s the world I live in.

– A thought strikes me:

  • I’m sitting in bed,
  • I’m at the coffeepot,
  • I’m just walking around.

– If I don’t write it down THAT INSTANT it’s gone FOREVER, never to return…

– IF I remember it later:

  • I don’t recall the details,
  • My mind goes off on a tangent,
  • I don’t do well in distraction environments.

This is why I talk #NonStop!

This is why I resemble the phrase in HamiltonMusical, “Talk Less, Smile More”

  •      Not only is my ACTUAL last name Hamilton, but the injury to my Right             Temporal Lobe causes me to talk CONSTANTLY!

(I’m awaiting permission for the image I wish to use.  I refuse to use images without the express permission of the creator — if known.)


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