Well, whoever you are, here we go!

First post.  What to say?  I honestly don’t have a clue.  I’m also writing in the WordPress app – I guess I’ve never used WordPress in any sense so it doesn’t matter what I say.  I’ll add an image to show my progress from walking.  I started walking December 8th when I received collapsable walking sticks from Amazon.  With my visual vertigo I wasn’t sure how successful my walking idea would be, but it’s gone amazingly well!  The Walgreens Activity Tracker I bought to play with initially was a good investment.  It got me moving.  

On January 18th I upgraded to a Fitbit, which told me how to modify what I eat to lose weight!  I eat 1,000 calories less than I use and keep my nutrition levels as close to optimum as possible using MyFitnessPal (a program I was already using with the Walgreens Activity Tracker).  So now, I’ve gone from being a person who can never lose weight “because of my seizure medication” to understanding WHY I’ve never lost weight.  The pounds are melting off me!  I’ve lost 12lbs! I’m under 200lbs for the first time in maybe a year!  I’m at 189!  I set my “goal weight” at 150.  In the photo, the left is New Year’s Eve, 2015/2016.  The right is Jan 23, 2016.