#WADA test remembered

I’ve had the sticky note about the date of my WADA test (Feb 13, 2007) stuck to the wall near the door of my apartment for as long as I can remember.

THAT was a bizarre experience.

I was forewarned much of what to expect on the (then ecommunities) forum board of Epilepsy Foundation.

  • Watch out! That table is COLD!
  • Don’t expect much in the way of privacy.
  • Be sure to shave well! 

I watched videos on YouTube and read online about the procedure.

  • It’s to determine which areas of the brain handle what, so nothing critical is damaged during surgery.
  • By “areas handle what” I mean language and motion.
  • My seizures were determined to originate on the right side.  In 2007, they still did the WADA for the right side.
  • They run a catheter from your femoral artery: groin; up THROUGH the heart; into the carotid artery in one side; let loose a 

This was unpublished since February, now I see why. It isn’t finished… Ah well… I’m not deleting. I’ll find a link about WADA and post it.  

HALF the brain is put to sleep, then the other half, as they test for function and language!  For as much as I could comprehend in that state, it was something to experience.  


Taking Care of Business 

Taking Care of Business 
  1. Calculated my pain meds through the weekend so I don’t run out, and learned they only wrote enough for me through Sunday 4pm DUH!  They’re CLOSED MONDAY!!!  Sometimes it’s tedious being my own advocate.
  2. Called AAA to cancel the continuous advertising mailings, and spoke with the most wonderful young woman! Not that I can remember her name… TBI PROBLEMS! 
  3. While dad was out getting my pain med refill, I’ll explain how I managed to get the refill (and how much) in an edit, because this typing one finger, predicted type, now is driving me mad.  
  4. Dad has been helpful, but grumbling.

Visual Vertigo viSUaLiZed, in b&w

Visual Vertigo viSUaLiZed, in b&w

alLthEtIme AndConStaNtLy

imAGIne yOUrWhOLeWOrLd


shApeSanD coLOrSAreMoTiOn





fiNalLyatREatMeNTeXiSTs bUTthETrEAtMentCeNTer

doESntTaKE mYINsuRaNCe

iNtHeSe UnItEdStAkEsOfAmErIcA 

iBoUgHt aPaiROfWaLkIngStIcKs AnDsUnGlAssEs

iTOoKmAttErSiNto MYowNHaNdSandFEet

iLoST 50poUNds WalKINg AnD GaINED CoNfiDence

iStiLl HaVe viSuAL VeRTiGo, bUt iT iS mAnaGAbLe

iWRoTe tO tHe TrEAtMenT CTr tO DIscovER My OLd PT 

fOr veRTiGo LoCAl NoW cAn TrEat viSuAL veRtIgo!

iStArT tReaTEmt sOoN. teNaCItY WiNS!

                — this is the writing I submitted, but wasn’t published. I gave it to my ViSuALvErTIgO therapist (PT), who I haven’t actually been able to begin therapy with because of my FUCKING hand. I had to fight to even discover there was a TREATMENT for ViSuALvErTIgO  <- ever since I wrote this in late May, my auto type has saved this.  I love it!  I respectfully requested permission to use it on my blog, knowing anyone could share it, and it wouldn’t be “hers” anymore once I placed it here.  I’m simply placing it online while I’m thinking of it now; In bed.  I’ll write more about my hand tomorrow, or when I’ve finished my second set of SSDI paperwork sent to me, probably because of my trip.  Goodnight.



I’m a Hamilton.  The musical is FAR more than I expected.  I never thought I would enjoy hip-hop, yet I know the full musical by heart!  That’s what it takes, sometimes, for Lisa to try something new.  Make it ABOUT HER and she’ll pay attention.  So he did.  Thank you, Lin-Manuel Miranda.  Like many, I dare say, most Americans, I knew nothing of Alexander Hamilton until you wrote your musical based on Chernov’s biography.  I have his book as well, but I have a problem with reading paragraphs since my ViSuALvErTIgO kicked in Summer of 2010.  
I carried a stone for A.Ham from October 2015 until I left it upon his grave on April 23 or 24 (I will look up and confirm the date, I believe it was the 23rd). Yes, the 23rd. I carried it with a stone for Anne Frank.  My Survival Day 20 trip was as much about Anne and Holocaust rememberance as it was about my SurvivalDay.  We have a wolf at the door.  It is frightening how few people who shout and scream about losing freedom ignore the wolf at the door.   

I am posting this now to post the images I have from the graveyard at Trinity and where I stayed and strolled on Jane Street, where A.Ham died after his duel.  I believe the day I left the stone for A.Ham was also the day I fell, injuring my hand.  As I’m learning “It’s Quiet Uptown” on guitar as part of my Occupational Therapy in recovery, I guess this brings me full circle.  My OT said if I practice guitar for 1/2 hour a day that can count for therapy, I can ignore the exercises she gave me.  Done.

Update: August 8, 2016, but not saved until after midnight, so August 9, 2016:  I changed the image from the one I took of Hamilton’s tomb to my dog tag, because this isn’t a normal fan post.  I would also like to thank annalisareyanne and her redbubble page for its products/designs of HamiltonMusical.  It was her image I used, with permission, for this dog tag on cafe press.  My tag isn’t searchable, that I know of.  I’m not set up, or interested in making money.  I’m also szrgirl on YouTube.

Practicing guitar after 3 months in a wrist brace and finger splints was a HUGE MISTAKE, though!  I played for 20 minutes in one day, understand I don’t really know how yet, and spent the next 2 days in EXCRUCIATING PAIN!  I was in tears today at OT.  She told me to #TakeABreak so I will.  I see my epileptologist tomorrow, OT Thursday, ViSuALvErTIgO Friday…  and on it goes. Doctors Doctors Doctors…

The Starbucks Article by Epilepsy Foundation: “Coffee Break” 2008

and now I type… This was available online Coffee Break until I was about one week into traveling for #SurvivalDay20.

It’s nearing midnight and I’m typing one handed, predictive-type-assist, so I won’t edit much here and now, but THIS explains the beauty of my interaction with Starbucks and the importance of Survival Days.



I entered a writing competition yesterday on Instagram and Twitter with #SixWordMemoir Theme: The Six-Word Spoiler Of Your Life

My entry includes the photo of this post: “SPOILER: My brain. Pieces not important”

The TOP SIX entries will each receive a copy of “A Series of Catastrophes & Miracles!” The website: http://www.sixwordmemoirs.com/story.php?did=1053121